Dog Walking

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Dog Walking

Dog Walking | Brown's Dog Training Lodging & More - Minneapolis, MN

You may want someone to provide dog walking services while you’re at work for your canine friend, but you have no idea what to ask when hiring someone. Use these tips to help you find the right person to take care of your dog.

• How are you trained, licensed, bonded, and insured?—Your state may not require licensing, but your dog walker may be certified in another aspect of canine training. Their background with dogs in general, and dog walking specifically, will tell you a lot.

• Does anyone walk with you?—It’s not necessarily a bad thing if they walk with another dog walker, but it does increase the risk of injuries when the pack of dogs together is larger.

• How many dogs will you walk at once?—Even certified dog walkers may not be able to keep up with 4 or 5 dogs at once, and you are paying for time and attention to your dog. If the dog walker is taking more than one dog, the dogs should be the same size and have the same energy level.

• Who is walking my dog?—Most of the time, it will be the sole proprietor who is the sole walker. But always make sure, and ask to meet the person who is walking your dog. You may also want to know if there is anyone who covers for the dog walker at any time.

• How much time is spent walking?—If the dog walker takes your dog to the park, do they count the travel time in the time they spend with your dog?

• May I see your references?—Any business owner who is professionally operating should not hesitate to provide references of satisfied customers and vets or groomers.

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