Dog Training

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Dog Training

Dog Training | Brown's Dog Training Lodging & More - Minneapolis, MN

When your dog is well-behaved, he is much more enjoyable. Taking him on walks and being able to trust him to behave is satisfying and healthy for the owner and the canine. If you are getting a new puppy or have a dog that you cannot control or trust, consider professional dog training to get the best results.

Dogs have the ability to understand simple commands and words with repetition. Some dogs learn very quickly, but other breeds may be more difficult. The key to effective dog training is consistency. This is probably harder on the owners than on the dogs, but any dog can be rehabilitated with behavior modification techniques.

Dogs respond well to rewards and praise when training. Our dog trainers teach you the skills to train your dog, but it’s up to you to practice each day. Dogs have short attention spans, so you don’t need to spend hours training him, but you do need to be consistent. Don’t let your canine buddy cuddle on the couch with your kids, and then expect him to know that when your boss is visiting, he shouldn’t get on the couch. Most dogs will begin to understand the rules when you are constant.

Let Brown’s Dog Training Lodging & More work with your dog to help him be the companion you want. The dog obedience training program will be designed especially to meet your budget and needs. We are located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and are licensed and insured.

Call us today for our schedule and services. If you have an aggressive dog, you may need private classes, and we can make a time so it’s safe to work with your dog in a controlled environment.